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Birthdate:Nov 19
Flonne is a ditz, a total dork and very innocent and naïve. This is shown when she first meets Laharl and says: Hi, I’m an assassin from Celestia. Whoops I shouldn’t have said that. She’s a bit of a klutz and doesn’t follow conversations all the way through, she’ll also force her way of thinking without realizing it, and latch on to one word and go off topic. The true nature of some statements will go right over her head, some sarcasm or forms of teasing/being made fun of will be taken with a smile and a completely off-base reaction, unless it’s blunt. Because of her innocent and loving nature, she also is extremely forgiving of others sometimes even going as far as pitying them, like when she pitied Vulcanus in Disgaea one saying that she pitied him because he was close-minded and that angels weren’t always good, humans weren’t always hopeless, and demons weren’t always evil.
When appropriate, and sometimes when it’s not, Flonne can and will take a situation very serious even to the point of getting angry, especially when it’s one of her beliefs being challenged. More or less that means situations in which everything could go more peacefully if one side or the other had love in their heart, or just times when someone is making fun of love and kindness or the idea of it. Other times, she just takes things too seriously, such as when Laharl made fun of the Prism Rangers for making an appearance before transforming, and Flonne scolded him, saying, “A true hero transforms in front of the enemy”. She holds very tightly to her beliefs, sometimes to the point where she doesn’t consider the other person’s feelings or motives and forces her own opinion or idea on them, such as when she lectured the Big Sis prinny without considering how she felt. Flonne will back off and apologize when she realizes it however – unless she doesn’t see a reason to, when Flonne asked Laharl to lose a battle against a past Defender of Earth, he asked her if she was “going to force her “beliefs” on him again. She just replied with Bingo! ♥” and kept going. She is also very sympathetic with everyone, whether they’re a friend or enemy (she feels sad when she hears that Laharl’s father died, even though she was sent on a mission to assassinate him, and can often try making other people feel the same way if they aren’t/don’t seem to be. Overall, she’s a rather forceful person from time to time.
There’s one major quirk about her; Flonne is an absolute love freak, to the point where Laharl give her the nickname “Love Freak”. She believes everyone – absolutely everyone – is capable of loving and kind actions/feelings, even after being told otherwise repeatedly. Making fun of love or kindness in front of Flonne is asking for it. She believes it to be the most beautiful emotion anyone can have, and anyone who trashes it will get a lecture from Flonne. Her idea of love and peace is a little too hopeful and idealistic, but there isn’t a person out there who could ever change her mind about it. Even so, her idealistic beliefs help her to remain emotionally strong through any and all situations, always certain that there’s a reasonable explanation for everything bad that someone does.

There are also some side-quirks to the girl as well. Cheesy super hero movies and anime with tons of special effects -- Flonne absolutely loves these. Godzilla, Ultraman, Prism Rangers, anything to do with magical super heroines -- all these kinds of shows and kinds of people, she finds to be cool. Especially if they stand for love and justice. She also loves video games, but nowhere near as much as her super heroes. Every hero-type character that is introduced into the game, Flonne automatically thinks is cool and admirable like "every time Gordon makes a hero speech" or "every time Kurtis made an appearance", even if they seem pathetic or useless to other members of the main group. She also can't stand being insulted directly at times -- Laharl, and later, Aramis, calling her flat-chested made her rage, and Captain Gordon calling her a villainess made her change her mind about him for that moment ,from "He's so cool!" to "Laharl. This person isn't a hero or defender of anything! Let's kick his sorry butt!". She eventually went back to seeing him as "cool", though. She also will pretend to be a super hero when she thinks it's appropriate example,when she sees Gordon, Jennifer, and Thursday doing their own justice speech, so she wants to do one as well, saying that she's "no longer ordinary Flonne" and is now "Guardian Flonne". She even goes as far as to force Laharl and Etna to join her act.

As the game goes on, she does become a more quirky and less serious ... and more violent, from harming humans ,which is a grave sin for an angel to do, to shoving Thursday around to prevent him from finishing something she started to say ,this is noted by Laharl, who calls her a "wicked angel". She also starts to care less and less about whether she, as an angel, is helping demons, and becomes more and more attached to the idea of humans, demons, and angels living together in harmony.
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